Thomas Lund


+45 7841 4390 / +45 6151 5754


I am currently employed as senior researcher at DEFACTUM, Central Denmark Region & Section of Clinical Social Medicine & Rehabilitation, Dept. of Public Health, University of Aarhus, Denmark. My primary work tasks consist of initiating, designing, applying funding for, conducting and communicating research on work and health in the broadest of terms, with a special focus on sickness absence and return to work, and on associations between risk factors in youth and adolescence for future health and work life trajectories. I work primarily with quantitative data, with my primary expertise being on register data: I have been involved in various studies combining social transfer payment data with large national survey data. I have also worked with clinical data, cross national data and evaluations of interventions, and been involved in systematic reviews within the Cochran and Campbell frameworks.


  • Social- og arbejdsepidemiologi, folkesundhed, registerforskning, undervisning, vejledning, projektledelse.

Ansættelser og projekterfaring

2014-2016 Senior researcher, AMK Herning (part time)

2011-2014 Senior researcher, AiR (Norge)

2012-2013 Chief analyst, Region Syd

2011-2012 Senior researcher, AMK Herning

2009-2010 Senior researcher, IRIS (Norge)

2008-2009 Senior researcher, SFI

2006-2008 Senior researcher, NFA

2003-2006 Researcher

2001-2003 Project researcher, NFA

1997-2001 Researcher, NFA


2002 PhD Public Health